Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Things are Looking Up

Just as I predicted, things have settled down this week. Which makes me really happy!

I was irritated with myself that I was not able to follow the plan to a "T", but I really feel like I am on track!

Saturday evening I ran eight miles on the treadmill. Most of the day was spent at a birthday party. Parties do seem to take up a good portion of the day. I had planned on running in the morning on the Tavares Trail, the alarm went off and I thought I could sleep another hour if I ran on the treadmill. I changed the alarm went back to sleep and an hour later I woke up again. It was then I remembered that Darrell was awake until the wee hours. He has not been sleeping well and the last thing he needed was the banging of the treadmill. I decided I would run in the evening.

You know what happens when you start adjusting the times on your longer runs, your run for the next day is automatically adjusted for you. When you finish eight miles at 9:45 PM, it's probably not a good idea to run a longer run at 7:00 AM.

Sunday, I got started on my quest for 16 miles mid-afternoon. We had a friend over and everyone went out on the four-wheelers. I took the opportunity to get some miles in. I got to 8.75 miles and crew rolled back in the house. I didn't want to be rude, so I stopped.

We went to dinner, made a Target run and for the second night in a row I ran at 8:30 PM - I ran another 7.25 miles - reaching 16 for the day. Not optimal - I would rather get all the miles in at once, but isn't the object here to get it done and get to Chicago healthy and prepared?

My legs have been sore since Sunday. I had three miles on the plan yesterday, but I was sore (and we needed groceries) I took a bye for the day. I had eight miles on the plan today. I got started and attempted to run through the soreness, but after four miles, I was done. Sore, sore, sore.

Tomorrow is another day and I'll try to get my mid-week-mid-distance run in again.

It's all good!


At 8:43 AM, Blogger Susan said...

Cute pic! I wish I had your hair.

Looks to me like you're getting it done - and I say who cares when and how!

At 9:01 AM, Blogger Marcy said...

YOu guys look FAB!!

Ohh girl I hear you. I'm the same way with the plans. I get all nutty if I can't follow it to a "T" always have to remind myself "It's not set in stone!" LOL I'm glad you're feeling on the up though! Very nice!

At 9:56 AM, Blogger ShirleyPerly said...

You two are so cute. Way to work in your workouts and listen to your body. Certainly a long run split into two is better than none. Maybe try some ice water baths to help with recovery?


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