Saturday, March 15, 2008

Vote for Shirley For Team Evotri Round 2

Our good friend Shirley is entering for sponsorship with the Team Evotri Making the Team 2 Contest.

Check out her application here.

Shirley and me at The DeLeon Springs Half Marathon

Please take the time to vote for Shirley by sending an email to and put the address to Shirley's Blog - - In the subject line.



At 9:36 PM, Blogger ShirleyPerly said...

Thank you, Maddy!! I hope to see you at another race soon.

At 11:13 PM, Blogger Susan said...

DONE!!!! I love that Humble Triathlete!!!!

At 10:56 AM, Blogger Neese said...



At 10:25 PM, Blogger lizzie lee said...

Done !!!!!

At 5:04 PM, Blogger CewTwo said...

Done again!!

Shirley would be SO good for their team!

At 4:12 AM, Blogger Jade Lady said...

Already done! Great pic of the two of you!


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