Sunday, June 24, 2007

Marathon Training Week Six

Once again, another strong week. I was able to get all of my miles in and overall I'm feeling pretty good. I've been stretching my hips at every possible moment and they are feeling much better. Yesterday during my long run, my right hip was tightening up, combined with the insane heat, for the first time in a long long time, maybe since the OUC Half Marathon, I took a walking break.

We were scheduled to run eight miles yesterday. Due to a miscalculation, we ran nine miles instead. I was thinking that my iPod was wrong. It's still not 100% accurate on the road, but it's close. I shut it off after 8.27 miles, because I have entered into an Nike+ challenge with another blogger, Robert Nelson, and I wanted to keep it fair.

I am experiencing some pain in my lower back on the right side. I'm not sure if it is associated with my hip, because it's low enough that it could be. The other culprit could be the beautiful half Lab / half Great Dane, known as "Kitty" that has gotten back into the habit of sneaking into my bed at night and I end up sleeping around her. If it's not better soon, I will go to the chiropractor or massage theripist.

We decided on Friday afternoon that if we were going to take a vacation this summer, we would need to do it soon. My in-laws are taking the kids to North Carolina at the end July and we didn't want to stack their vacations on top of each other. As we get into August, I have some weeks with a lot of milage that I don't want to interupt our fun. So we decided if we were going to go, it really should be this coming week. Nothing like a little planning,right?

I called our beloved Disney World, where we have spent our last three summer vacations (on top of going 50 - 75 times a year). They are completely booked next week. That's a pretty good indication that the parks will be so crowded that it wouldn't even be fun. So what to do?

We have also taken some long weekends at Madeira Beach. After the hotel we have stayed at several times refused to give us late check out when I ran the Madeira Beach Half-a-thon last December, we needed a new place to stay. We decided to move a little bit to the north. Clearwater Beach. Our hotel has a clear view of one of my nemisis bridges from the Clearwater Half-a-thon in January (My slowest half marathon of the season)

Sand Key Bridge

I am determined to get my runs in while I'm away. I'm usually the first one up anyway and I hae gotten good at sneaking out while the rest of the fam sleeps. We're leaving Tuesday and we'll be back on Friday - Four days at the beach is plenty! I have six miles scheduled on Thursday and four miles scheduled on Friday. I will run Sand Key Bridge while I'm there. I might actually attack Memorial Bridge too while I'm there.

I'm looking forward to the change of pace. Getting some rest, and getting some sun. Ahhhhhh, Vacation!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Elbows, Hips and Miscelaneous Updates

I have narrowed down the cause of the elbow pain. It was indeed the arm of the chair of the dining room furniture. How do I know? I adjusted the way I sit and it feels better. The only problem with the way I'm sitting is that now the other elbow feels like it bruised a bit. I must be used to the padded arms on my chair at the office, and I slam my elbows down when I sit down.

As my milage had been the most consistant ever, is it any wonder that my hips are sore again. Guess who hasn't spent enough time stretching those bad boys out? I wonder why I just don't do it? I know I need to... And it takes some mild soreness to remind me that I am not invincible and I need to take care of myself. Follow the rules and just stretch.

My Tuesday run turned into a Wednesday run this week, and my Wednesday cross-training didn't happen. I'm still on track to get all of my miles in this week. I'm scheduled for five miles with speedwork - 4 X 800's tomorrow. Friday is a rest day, but I may try to work some cross-training in. Eight miles on Saturday and cross-training on Sunday.

I am meeting a group Saturday morning at the Seminole Wekiva Trail - Petra, the trail is in Lake Mary, are you thinking of the Wekiva Springs State Park in Apopka? Marathon Chris, and any other Orlando peeps, feel free to join us. Email me for details.

The Seminole Wekiva Trail

I sent my sister, The Fabulous Miss Fabulous, who may have abandoned her blog, a link to the World Wide Half Marathon and the KTC5K
training plan. She's an avid kyaker and biker she mentioned there are some kyak / bike / run and kyak / bike events that she'd like to give a shot. She's never been a runner. I hope that she gives it a try.

All is well and my training is rockin'


Saturday, June 16, 2007

Taking One For the Team

This morning I met up with the Team in Training Crew at the Seminole Wekiva Trail for a nine mile group run. I think that the trail is realatively new, maybe a few years old, but this was my first opportunity to check it out.

It's a nice paved trail with mile markers ever half mile. The best part about the trail is there is a lot of shade. nearly the whole run was under a canopy of trees. Except where the apartments are. Oh, and where the land is cleared for yet another development (Really, where are all these people coming from? Are there towns in North Dakota that have been deserted?).

My iPod is still not calibrated correctly. I think we went a little more than nine miles, but I know it wasn't 9.9.

I had been trailing a guy for the first few miles. The same guy I trailed last week. I kept thinking that I was on track as long as I could see him. Then I realized I was catching up to him. "I'm sneaking up on you Jim!" I called out to him.

As I got up to him, we started to chat. We were discussing nutrition, and he said that he had taken in a lot of carbs last night, the beer kind. He said he was struggling a little bit.

I couldn't leave him. I slowed a bit and we ran and chatted and ran and chatted. It's the first time, maybe ever, that I ran and talked with someone for that long. I bet we ran six miles together.

The funny thing is, my pace was slower than last week, after a poor nutrition plan last Friday night I struggled through the run last Saturday. I was pretty unhappy with my run last week. This week, I helped Jim get through the run, and he told me how grateful he was.

With a mile or so to go he said he was so glad he had someone to talk to get through it. When we finished our run. He said, "You know, You Kick Ass!".

I thanked him for his kind words. Despite the slower pace, it was a great run!

Side Note:

I took Marathon Chris' advice and tried out Podrunner on my run this morning. The 175 BPM mix kept me pretty consistant through the first couple of miles. I think I have a keeper for the long runs. If you haven't tried it yet, you're missing out! Thanks for the suggestion Chris!

Dinner Last Night:

Cheese Ravioli with Vodka Sauce and Hot Sausage. I don't know what it is, but there is something in the pasta and sauasge combination that works really well for me. Anyone care to weigh in on that one?

Thursday, June 14, 2007

I've Injured My....



Are you kidding me?

Over the past few weeks there have been a lot of changes.

  • I Got a new computer. A large part of my job requires software that only works in a Windows environemnt. I was the only one in a Mac house with a PC. The solution? A Mac Book Pro. I can run both OS and Windows at the same time. I really like it. But the keyboard is a little different.

  • I've been working from home. Splitting my time between the patio with the outside furniture (wireless is awesome!) and the dining room table where I have found myself resting my elbow on the hard wooden table and knocking it the hard wooden chair arm.

  • I have been swimming more regularly and longer than I have in a long long time. Could my stroke have anything to do with the pain?

  • So how bad does it hurt? Bad enough that I'm taking a steady flow of ibruprofen. When I'm due to take more, I know it.

    I'm not even sure where to start to narrow down the cause of the pain. I don't want to stop swimming, and I think it's doubtful that swimming is the cause.

    I really think it might be bruised. Darn dining room furniture. It really hurts.

    The good news is that it doesn't interfere with my running. And that is still going strong!

    Monday, June 11, 2007


    Akshaye from One More Mile tagged me.

    In the spirit of fun, here are six weird things about me.

    1.) I have bruxisim (I clench and grind my teeth in my sleep) So I wear an uber-sexy mouth gaurd to bed.

    2.) I eat one thing at a time on my plate. For example, I finish eating the vegetables before I start eating the meat.

    3.) I have owned every modern-day version of the Volkswagen convertible (with the exception of the brand new EOS), I have had a Rabbit, Cabriolet, Cabrio and New Beetle.

    4.) I live next door to my in-laws

    5.) I only brush my hair once or twice a week - otherwise it gets too frizzy

    6.) I have never seen the movie "Grease"

    Who am I tagging?:
    Marathon Chris
    Irish Blue

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    Sunday, June 10, 2007

    Marathon Training Week Four

    Overall another great week of training. I started with five miles on Monday. Those five miles felt like ten.

    It was hot, and we still had not turned the air conditioner on for the summer. Amazingly, the air conditioner was turned on Monday night...


    I ran the called for three miles on Tuesday and Thursday and I swam for my cross-training on Wednesday.

    Saturday morning I met the Team in Training Crew at the Cady Way Trail for a seven miler. We started at 7:00 and it was already hot. As I mentioned to David, who also noticed the heat today, it seems like summer has snuck up behind us and kicked our butts.

    I felt like I was dragging a little bit on Saturday. I'm thinking that I did not eat properly on Friday night. We went to Paradise Harbor Marina, for their Friday night fish special. All you can eat, $8.95. What a deal. I can barely finish the first plate. No re-orders for me. I requested it blackened, because I try not to do the fried thing... And I had corn on the cob instead of french fries - again with the fried thing. But I was really lacking a substaintial amount of carbs.

    At the restaurant I was wondering if I would have trouble on Saturday, I should have known better.

    Saturday morning when I woke up I was pretty hungry and I ate a mini bagel, but that was an hour and a half before the run.

    I ran those seven miles in 1:08:53 - I felt a little slow, but I really can't complain. The coach had a split contest to see who could be the most consistant out and back. I ran the first 3.5 miles in 33:33. The second 3.5 miles in 35.20. I didn't win. Boo.

    Week Five has 22 miles including nine miles on Saturday at the Seminole Wekiva Trail. I've never been there before. Should be fun.

    I'm going to experiment with Marathon Chris' suggestion and download podrunner and see if the continuous beats per minute help my pace. I'll let you know how that turns out.

    Thursday, June 07, 2007

    Cross Training - It Aint That Bad

    I am going to do this right. Or, the best that I can... So I have made a deal with Petra. We are cross training. When the schedule calls for it, we're doing it. Marathon Chris has also been hanging tough with her cross training ( and a double run on Wednesdays - w00t)!

    Since I have been working from home and it is getting lighter earlier, it was much easier to get my swim in before my work day began yesterday. And I swear, after 3 or 4 swimming sessions, I feel like I'm getting better at it - or I'm not as winded as I thought I would be.

    Cross training is just a few steps away

    As my milage ramps up I am going to check out some of the pace predictors. I am planning my goals... Yet I want to be realistic.

    Sunday, June 03, 2007

    Wrapping Up Week Three

    Week Three of Marathon training is in the bag. I primrily stuck to the schedule. I'm still feeling weak on the cross-training front, and I really feel like if I don't get on top of that, I'm going to regret it in October.

    I also want to get on the weight training bandwangon. There has always been a race or some other event coming up that I didn't want to be sore for. I had planned on starting last week, and it just didn't happen. The sad part about that is that I have a complete gym at my house. It's not even like I have to go anywhere. Darrell does his share of weight training.

    Welcome to the Gun Show...

    And he is great at motivating me. I have wanted to work out with him but our schedules haven't permitted it. Boo.

    I did not meet up with the Team in Training Crew yesterday morning. The trailhead where we were scheduled to meet is a bit of a drive and we were feeling the affects of Tropical Storm Barry. I received a few emails saying they were running regardless of the rain. Quite truthfully, I hate wet feet. True it may rain during my race, and I should be prepared for it, but I really didn't want to drive and then run in the rain. I clipped off the scheduled six miles on the tredmill.

    The mile tracking blog What's a Few Miles Among Friends? is up and running. Check it out and if you want to get on board, it's not too late. Look at the first post to see how you can be added to this fun little blog!

    I mentioned that my office was moving - my mid-week cross training for last week. Our new building isn't quite ready yet so since Wednesday I have been working from home and that will continue through at least this coming week. Between zero commute time and the kids on summer vacation I have been able to get in some extra sleep and maintain my running schedule. I could really get used to working from home...

    My training schedule next week calls for 18 miles. That's it, 18 miles. That's not a lot. I may make some adjustments to the long run, or I may just ride this one out. I know that in the coming weeks I will have plenty of long runs. Longer in fact than I have ever run before. Ever.